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GR Driver | 13 Mär : 22:52
HSC-King? Lange nichts mehr gehört!
Kaiserkoenig | 12 Mär : 18:25
Also im Chat ist doch noch einiges los
RudyOosterndijk | 11 Mär : 21:36
Hier geht die Party!
HSC-King | 11 Mär : 21:28
Oh ha, hier ist ja gar nichts mehr los 🙄
Mszostus | 27 Feb : 16:02
Rudy looking for you in entry list

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Superracers pack(currently 19 cars) v2
Autor Sufkop
Autor Email [email]
Beschreibung (version 1) more cars coming in update.
The cars:
- The japanese 1994 Tozuki 720 Cross, a rally monster! (a 'A-Cross Rallycar', see the Sigol Adel for more) holds the world record on the track 'SegaRally' with
16.33 seconds.It's also world champion on the tracks 'Germany'(9.95),'spa1967'(20.65), 'Kutford'(7.52), 'TX5 Twins'(8.77) and 'ProStreet'(19.32).
- The french 1996 Dulli?Šr Ranger coup?Š, a mix between a sports coupe and an off-road racer.
- The italian 2009 Form?Šle GTI, a kit car based on the Nissan GT-R with lees performance, less
speed, and less weight. And, last but not least, the price.
- The dutch 2004 Velero GT-OFFROAD, a fast compact, good for offroading and onroading. Based on the Honda Civic WRC by
- The italian 2003 Gapani Zandae VR is built by a pagani-boss wannebe, which builds fast, silent cars.
- The american 1988 Shuper Wranger GT is a pony car with a V8 ROAR engine.

(version 2)
The cars:
- The turkish 2001 Teleco ARE, a beautiful car with a nice top speed of 246 km/h, and over 550 ps/hp/pk. POWER!
- The spanish 1997 Sigol Adel, a rally racer in it's own class, called 'B-Cross Rallycars', the 2nd best rally cars in the 20th century.
- The japanese 2010 Tozuki Profiteur GT-Z, a hypercar with it's impressive top speed of 411 km/h. Especially made for motorsport, so road illegal.
it holds the world record on the track 'Test-Oval' with 10.38 seconds.
- The american 2006 Wether GT820, a ROAAAR!! (sorry for that) fast car with... how shall i say it.. POWEEER!!
- The japanese 2004 Sabrae WRC, a car driven by the rally legend Clone MacRay. 240 km/h. 650 hp. 4WD. but, i won't tell you the price.
It's so high that it's scaring. Really.
- The french 1979 Celinea Anch?Šl, a rallyracer that looks a bit like a Tozuki 720.
- The suffian 1976 Slo?Šwe 350 RL, a special version of the 350, tuned for rally racing. It is now years ago that Slo?Šwe was declared bankrupt.
- The french 1982 Lambert Gianni's Counter is a (not so) nice sports car, with the amazing top speed of 332 km/h!
- The russian 1990 Ruwalski 3knvac GT, a sports car with good and modern looks for it's time. It was not cheap, but people said: 'You once must drive
that car in your life'.
- The suffian 2010 Delsari S+W concept is the last car of this pack, it can, like a coupe-cabriolet, transform from a sedan to a wagon. It's the future
of family cars! It also has a panoramic roof!
- and an bonus! The Tozuki 720 is getting old, so a NEW720Concept is added!

Please comment only in English or Dutch.
Soundpack included. Extract sound folder in GeneRally\Sounds\Superracers-pack
(in version 1, i forgot to include this pack. sorry for that.)
Thanks to GR-Racer582 for the sound of the mysterious cars in this pack. Cars are mine, sound is his

Have fun!
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Filegrösse 24,95 kb
Datum Dienstag 03 August 2010 - 17:47:16
Downloads 2581
 9.0 - 5 Abstimmungen 
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SMXle 04 Aug : 17:18

sehr schön! gutes fahrverhalten...... da gibts keine andere Lösung -.-

10 STERNE!! Wir haben einen Gewinner ... lölöl^^

Sufkop 04 Aug : 20:48


Luky 11 Jun : 17:39

Super Autos!

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