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Kellogg | 07 Apr : 09:35
That's not a School Bus. That's a School Bus: [link]
RudyOosterndijk | 06 Apr : 15:57

Kellogg | 06 Apr : 14:50
Great then! Let's start an rally- off road School Bus series!
XYY | 03 Apr : 20:40
Hi Mszostus,
thanks for your offer, but I'm afraid I'm not really interested I appreciate that you still keep the community up, however my interests have changed a little bit and a full race series seems to be too much of a commitment for me right now...
Mszostus | 01 Apr : 15:07
XYY maybe you join in F2 series? Now running 3 series and F2 its your level invite I start in f2

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Thread: [PGRF1] Classics - Round 01 - France 2009

Moderatoren: Crono, GR Driver, RudyOosterndijk

Freitag 01 November 2019 - 15:08:01

Bearbeitet Montag 16 Dezember 2019 - 14:57:27
Freitag 22 November 2019 - 22:07:27
Meine Quali ist drin. Bin gespannt wie es weiter geht.
Samstag 23 November 2019 - 00:46:47

Ich habe mein Quali in Reims gestern gefahren aber noch nicht abgeschickt. Egal ob hier oder in Stockholm, mir scheint als könnte es ein paar Hundertstel schneller gehen als in der damaligen Version des Spiels (1.05 statt 1.2c). Das nachzuweisen wird aber unmöglich sein.
Bearbeitet Samstag 23 November 2019 - 01:55:14
Montag 02 Dezember 2019 - 00:56:29

10 years later, and it's not Majortom who is quickest in Qualifying. The pole sitter of 2009 does improve his time but can't climb higher than 4th. XYY returns with Toro Rosso and finds more than 3 tenths over his old time (13.95), he is 3rd. And finally, Rudy is 0.22 seconds faster than last time (13.76) and secures the best spot on the grid thanks to a great exit from the final corner.

The gaps between P2 and P6 are really small. Lorenzo finds himself in the middle of the pack, only one hundredth of a second in front of Red Bull' s Nolb. The German makes an impressive return in 6th, a long time after his last PGR F1 Grand Prix back in 2011. Kaiserkoenig and GR Driver are closely matched - a pattern that can be seen in Stockholm as well.

Scholl - he is called Stefan in the replay - is 9th. PGR F1 Classics is the first ever event for the German track master. Great to see him around. Also great, and a bit surprising, is FRUKIScze's ride in the Ferrari. He puts his car in 2nd, 8 hundredths behind the pole sitter.

The top 6 were faster than 2009 pole sitter Majortom. For whatever reason, it seems like GeneRally 1.2c produces better lap times than 1.05 that we used back in 2009.

Grid positions
You can find your individual grid position inside the red square at the end of the row. Nolb, Kaiserkoenig, GR Driver and Scholl all start from 6th position and behind all 5 AI drivers.

Feel free to use Savegame Reader to adjust grid positions and reaction times. To do so, just save your race before the lights go out. Open Savegame Reader, pick your savegame and click on the button "Starting Order". Make your adjustments, press "save" and return to the game.

And don't forget about the settings!

Bearbeitet Montag 02 Dezember 2019 - 18:40:38
Donnerstag 05 Dezember 2019 - 13:06:04

Eigentlich habe ich mein Rennen bereits vor zwei Wochen vorbereitet. Da es entgegen der beobachtbaren Tendenz aber nicht schneller war als in 2009, werde ich - so wie ich mich kenne - wohl nochmal fahren.
Freitag 06 Dezember 2019 - 08:58:10
Lass mal Rudy, das passt schon so.
Ich bin das Rennen auch schon gefahren und auch wenn da sicher noch mehr geht, schicke ich es lieber mal ab, bevor ich es dann wieder komplett vergesse. xD
Samstag 07 Dezember 2019 - 21:24:20

Ich habe mir die Abkürzung mal angesehen, die du in der E-Mail erwähnt hast:

Wahrscheinlich wird es auf eine kleine Zeitstrafe hinauslaufen, denn durch das Abkürzen hast du gleich 3 Autos überholt. In der Summe ergibt das einen zeitwerten Vorteil, auch wenn der Weg durch das Kies und in die Heuballen an sich wohl keinen Zeitvorteil gebracht hat.

Soweit ich mich erinnere gibt es keinen Präzedenzfall aus den Jahren 2009 und 2010, eventuell weil wir damals nur Strafen ausgesprochen haben, wenn sich am Ergebnis etwas geändert hätte. Also schick einfach noch das Ersatzrennen vorbei!

Bearbeitet Sonntag 15 Dezember 2019 - 13:02:48
Sonntag 15 Dezember 2019 - 00:25:03
Rennen im Kasten und abgeschickt.
Nicht mehr ganz so schnell wie vor 10 Jahren - man wird älter ...
aber nicht so schlecht wie befürchtet
Sonntag 15 Dezember 2019 - 13:10:37

majortom wrote ...

Rennen im Kasten und abgeschickt.
Nicht mehr ganz so schnell wie vor 10 Jahren - man wird älter ...

Ich bin auch nicht mehr an meine Zeit herangekommen. Bei einem Versuch war ich mir sehr sicher, dass ich außer konstant schnelleren Rundenzeiten nicht mehr viel hätte besser machen können. Aber auch der war deutlich über eine Sekunde bzw. 5 Hundertstel pro Runde langsamer.

11 hours left until the deadlines!

You better all...

⚠ Time penalties ⚠

  • At Reims, please do not cross the yellow line that separates the pit lane from the main straight. The AI does it right.
  • At Stockholm, please do not cross the white pit exit line.

Both offenses result in 3-second time penalties.

⚠ Deadline postponed ⚠

For those of you who haven't already or those who want to try again: the deadline has been postponed until tomorrow, 11:00 UTC+1.

Bearbeitet Sonntag 15 Dezember 2019 - 23:33:46
Montag 16 Dezember 2019 - 13:59:16

Who sprays the champagne in the Champagne?

Rudy starts from pole position and carries the initial advantage over the finish line. Just like in 2009 the Toyota driver doesn't dominate. In both cases his margin to 2nd is about 1.7 seconds.

FRUKIScze is 2nd thanks to another flawless performance. The Czech also claims the fastest lap as his own, he is five hundredths of a second faster than the historic fastest lap which belongs to Rudy and Majortom. Great drive!

Both Toyota drivers fail to better their historic performances. Majortom speculates that it might be because of his age. We disagree. Being bullied at Virage La Garenne by four AI cars isn't helpful either. His overall race time is quite remarkable, considering - but only worth 3rd.

Another driver who deserves a spot on the podium is GR Driver. Unfortunately, he spends too much time in the pits which costs him at least 2 seconds and further slows him down. After a very consistent race the Red Bull driver crosses the line in 6th, but is promoted to 4th.

XYY can capitalize on his latest visit to Reims in real-life. He improves by an impressive margin of more than 6 seconds. Yet he is beaten by Nolb in a photo finish for 5th. Unfortunately, both drivers cross the yellow line that separates the pit lane from the main straight. In 2009 Race Control announced a 20-second penalty for such offense. This time only 3 seconds will do.

Early in the race Scholl profits from three AI cars that bury themselves in a hay bale. Only a few laps later he falls behind them, again, after a BMW sends him wide at Virage La Garenne. From that moment Scholl continues a consistent but rather uneventful race. Unfortunately, the 3-second penalty applies to him as well.

Bearbeitet Montag 16 Dezember 2019 - 14:20:25

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