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RudyOosterndijk | 03 Jan : 20:52
RudyOosterndijk | 05 Aug : 17:02
"Power is nothing without control."
Kellogg | 05 Aug : 03:11
Wie wär's ein Lada mit 5000PS?
RudyOosterndijk | 27 Jul : 15:47
Pah, die überholst du ja wie in Gran Turismo! Daher würde ich an deiner Stelle mal die Augen nach dem nächsten Hotlap-Event offen halten.
Kaiserkoenig | 24 Jul : 14:33
Ich hab auf Youtube mal nen kleinen Ausschnitt meines dritten RCN-Rennen hochgeladen. Da sprang übrigens der Klassensieg bei raus
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Thread: [PGRF1] Classics - Round 02 - Sweden 2010

Moderatoren: Crono, GR Driver, RudyOosterndijk

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Freitag 01 November 2019 - 15:09:16

Bearbeitet Montag 16 Dezember 2019 - 14:56:51
Samstag 23 November 2019 - 23:44:37

Ich glaube, ich habe ein Déjà-vu. Versucht man in Stockholm nah ans Limit zu fahren, landet man doch schnell im Kies und muss sich dann eine Weile freischaufeln. Außer natürlich man rage-quittet (dezent) und startet neu.
Montag 25 November 2019 - 08:31:01
Schön, dass es dir da genau so geht. Es ist wirklich verdammt schwer eine perfekte Runde zusammen zu bekommen. :/
Bearbeitet Montag 25 November 2019 - 08:32:00
Sonntag 01 Dezember 2019 - 13:03:15
Is echt nervig Stockholm
Aber habe meine Files jetzt abgeschickt
Sonntag 01 Dezember 2019 - 22:39:52

Scholl mit echter Retro-Auflösung! Das gibt Bonuspunkte auf die nicht vorhandene Meisterschaftswertung.

Montag 02 Dezember 2019 - 02:42:29

You have kept it out of the gravel traps
Only 8 drivers kept all four wheels on track at least once during their 6 laps of Qualifying. Unfortunately, Nolb didn't make it before the deadline. The 2010 cars were faster and more difficult to drive than their predecessors. Consequently, the field spreads noticeably wider than in Reims.

FRUKIScze can't repeat his stellar performance from Reims. His Ferrari was packed with fuel, a huge disadvantage through the fast and flowing bends of Stockholm Circuit. Scholl's time feels more competitive, he is 7th.

Kaiserkoenig beats GR Driver, this time by the tiniest of margins. His reward is 5th on the grid. Both drivers weren't around when the historic Grand Prix took place, but their performance would have placed them 8th and 9th, respectively.

XYY improves on his 16.11 from 2010, but that wouldn't have changed his historic result at all. This time around, the German hot lap specialist is 4th. The one driver who did not improve is Majortom. In fact he is 6 hundredths slower than 9 years ago when he started 2nd.

The fight for pole position is between Rudy and Lorenzo. The latter beats Ruuni's old lap record by 2 hundredths of a second, but that's not enough. Rudy wants to prove that his bad qualifying (5th) at Stockholm 2010 was only a fluke and clinches pole position.

Grid positions
First off all, don't forget about the settings!

If you take a look at the upper table. You can find your individual grid position inside the red square at the end of the row. GR Driver, Scholl and FRUKIScze all start from 6th position and behind all 5 AI drivers.

Feel free to use Savegame Reader to adjust grid positions and reaction times. To do so, just save your race before the lights go out. Open Savegame Reader, pick your savegame and click on the button "Starting Order". Make your adjustments, press "save" and return to the game.

Don't worry if you are not going to start from the front row. Just take a look at what Williams driver Dany was capable of back in 2010.

If there's no video, click here.

Bearbeitet Donnerstag 05 Dezember 2019 - 13:03:05
Mittwoch 04 Dezember 2019 - 20:25:19
Jetzt beiß ich mir aber den Hintern. Ich dachte echt, ich hätte beide zips geschickt, aber offenbar liegt das Stockholm Quali völlig unnütz seit 22.11 bei mir herum. 15,97s hätten immerhin zu Platz 4 gereicht.

Btw: Darf ich jetzt eigentlich trotzdem beim Rennen starten?
Bearbeitet Mittwoch 04 Dezember 2019 - 20:34:27
Mittwoch 04 Dezember 2019 - 23:12:21

Nolb wrote ...

Btw: Darf ich jetzt eigentlich trotzdem beim Rennen starten?

Na klar, von Platz 6.

Donnerstag 05 Dezember 2019 - 12:31:31
Nolb wrote ...

Jetzt beiß ich mir aber den Hintern. Ich dachte echt, ich hätte beide zips geschickt, aber offenbar liegt das Stockholm Quali völlig unnütz seit 22.11 bei mir herum. 15,97s hätten immerhin zu Platz 4 gereicht.

Btw: Darf ich jetzt eigentlich trotzdem beim Rennen starten?

Soll ich dir was sagen? Ich bin direkt nach Deadline noch spaßeshalber ein paar Runden gefahren und hab mich von meiner PB auf eine 15.95 verbessert.😭

Sonntag 15 Dezember 2019 - 16:39:46

⚠ Time penalties ⚠

  • At Reims, please do not cross the yellow line that separates the pit lane from the main straight. The AI does it right.
  • At Stockholm, please do not cross the white pit exit line.

Both offenses result in 3-second time penalties.

⚠ Deadline postponed ⚠

For those of you who haven't already or those who want to try again: the deadline has been postponed until tomorrow, 11:00 UTC+1.
Bearbeitet Sonntag 15 Dezember 2019 - 23:33:06
Montag 16 Dezember 2019 - 14:55:55

A rudyculous win

Whoever puts in the most time and effort has a good chance at winning at Stockholm. Rudy improves slightly despite the mistake in the last corner. He wins but the historic fastest lap by Stebru still stands.

XYY has changed colors after Qualifying. The German beaches his Lotus on lap 7 which costs him about 4 seconds, and he has a big wobble in the middle sector of lap 17 that takes him to the grass. He is 2nd, but what could have been!?

Majortom is back with Renault. The aged driver had a couple of moments but managed to unleash his full potential towards the end of the race after a soft kiss with the barrier. Although slower than in 2009, he ends up in a better place overall: He is 3rd.

Nolb and Scholl are new to Stockholm and both are closely matched. On a storming first lap Nolb sends two AI cars off into the gravel. But a couple of scruffy laps before his 2nd pit stop hold him back at the end. At least he wasn't at fault when he was sent bouncing between the walls on the main straight. A late revenge for his first-lap shenanigans?

Scholl's race is almost mistake-free - bar that one excursion to the gravel that almost everyone uses to take. Unfortunately, the German crosses the white line at the pit exit which is worth 3 additional seconds. Luckily, that doesn't make any difference, he finishes 5th.

And finally, FRUKIScze is 6th with 4 laps down. The Czech driver admits that he does not like the car or the track which is quite understandable. What stands out most is the sixth lap of his race that takes him 68 seconds to complete. But he does it in style - and a 360 out of the gravel traps.

Podium ceremony

Bearbeitet Dienstag 17 Dezember 2019 - 22:19:06

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