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RudyOosterndijk | 18 Jan : 16:36
Es ist doch erst 5 Monate her, seitdem du das letzte Mal gefragt hast. In der kurzen Zeit macht Ubisoft vielleicht ein neues Assassin's Creed, aber GeneRally doch kein Update!
Kellogg | 18 Jan : 13:59
Erster Kommentar am 18.1.2020
Ok genug, was ist mit GeneRally 2? Aus und vorbei?
Kellogg | 12 Jan : 14:54
Ich reagiere auf blackmail nicht.
RudyOosterndijk | 11 Jan : 21:11
Erste Verwarnung für das Zuspammen der Chatbox im neuen Jahr!
GR Driver | 11 Jan : 20:48
Erste Antwort auf den ersten Kommentar in der Chatbox 2020

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Thread: Update 26.11.2019 / Alpha 0.0.7g

Moderatoren: Crono, RudyOosterndijk

Dienstag 26 November 2019 - 15:12:29
Release notes - GeneRacing - Version Alpha 0.0.7g

Finally weve upgraded the WHOLE Terrain-Environment in the Background which is not visible yet - thats why this update has a delay.

** Added
* [GEN-144] - Added fuel consumption, fuel mass, damage and tire wear to qualifying settings
* [GEN-145] - Added fuel consumption, fuel mass, damage and tire wear to race settings
* [GEN-150] - Added topspot to see the car-mesh in the dark
* [GEN-159] - Add first XP/Level System Version, Databasedriven
* [GEN-160] - Added first Formula1 car with same default settings like the default car
* [GEN-166] - Save and load QualiSettings to registry
* [GEN-167] - Added KeyCode.F2 to change between Orthographic and Perspective Cam
* [GEN-170] - Added inputtext-field to filter the tracklist
* [GEN-172] - Extended PUN with RaceTimeSummarizer
* [GEN-182] - Added Steam check at start with popup notification if steam is not started

** Fixed
* [GEN-60] - Race Endpanel shows not the sum-time at the end as expected, headline is missing (race)
* [GEN-142] - Fuel/Tire/Damage bars are wrong assigned if more then 2 players
* [GEN-143] - Fixed existing qualitime show up (from the quali/race before)
* [GEN-147] - Increased the AirTime handle to steer the car in the air for 1.5seconds
* [GEN-148] - Drastic reduction of the static downforce to handle small hills, more realistic jumps,...
* [GEN-149] - Changed switch of car-lights according to day/night lamps
* [GEN-151] - Fixed long loading bug for sync popup
* [GEN-153] - Fixed scaling bug according to worldsizes for objects in many cases
* [GEN-155] - Change physics values for worldsize from 230 steps to 100
* [GEN-164] - PhysicsBody will only be deactived for the localcar, not for the networkcas > collissions
* [GEN-171] - Increase sunkenTyre shape and collider
* [GEN-173] - Changed Gatesize and tests with Gate (still wrong size)
* [GEN-176] - Save audio setting volume for player and load it at the start
* [GEN-177] - Fixed Settings-Background Bug (clear hide of other buttons)
* [GEN-178] - Fixed Sync-Background Bug (clear hide of other buttons)
* [GEN-179] - Changed line transform for pitbox to ensure better visibility
* [GEN-180] - Handle trackfiles <version 1.2 (track cannot be loaded, scene switched back to main menue with message)
* [GEN-181] - Fixed camera-movement, zoom and perspective change if topdown-cam is inactive
* [GEN-183] - Changed jump down force behavior calculated following bezier curves


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